Healthy Travel Tips!

Woo Hoo! It’s time to travel!  Got Spring Break coming up or a summer vacay planned? Here are some tips to stay healthy.

First, don’t derail all your progress just because you’re not at home! Things you eat & do (or don’t do) on vacation definitely count.  You can have fun & be a little more flexible, but don’t go crazy.  If you typically follow 80/20 or 90/10 during the week at home for things like alcohol, sugar or working out, pick another split & stick to it – maybe 60/40 or even 50/50. 

Look at your daily routines & think about what you can easily carry over on vacation. I always have my warm water first thing in the morning before coffee, and my Natural Calm at night before bed to help with sleep & regularity (don’t start taking NC on the road, it can cause issues – start at home first & then stay consistent with it on your trip).

  • Stay hydrated! It helps prevent dehydration (duh!) and helps with digestion & regularity.  Feel free to add Nuun tabs (make sure you don’t get the ones with caffeine) or Ultima powder.  Bring along your reusable water bottle & keep it filled and with you! This is especially true when flying.
  •  You’ll probably be eating things that aren’t in your usual diet. Consider taking digestive enzymes with meals containing foods or ingredients that aren’t your usual. 
  • Get gassy/upset tummy when flying? You’re not alone!  Check out THIS ARTICLE  stating that lower air pressure & a rapid increase in air pressure actually do make you more likely to have issues with gas. Consider consuming lower FODMAP foods the day prior to travel and taking something with simethicone (like Gas-X) just before boarding and maybe a few times mid-flight. Avoid carbonated beverages in flight and move around the cabin as well. You may also want to think about self-massage for digestion before & after your flight – VIDEO HERE.
  • Make sure to have at least one 100% meal per day – oats with fruit for breakfast, a big salad with light dressing for lunch, grilled protein (whether it’s seafood or tofu) and steamed veg are some suggestions. 
  • Enjoy some indulgences but make sure they’re worth it! Savor the decadent dessert at a restaurant, but skip the Kit Kat at the airport or gas station.
  • Bring along healthy snacks for the trip – I pack raw nuts and fruit (fresh or dried).
  • Stay active – get all of your steps in for the day! I love trying new boutique fitness classes when I travel, but feel free to also hit the hotel gym, see if your gym has reciprocity with a facility near you. Some members-only videos that would be great while traveling are:
    •  Lower Body Mini Band Workout HERE
    • Body weight HIIT with modifications HERE
    • 5 grounding yoga poses before bed  HERE 
  • Prioiritize sleep – aim for your usual number of hours per sleep.  It likely won’t be a problem to catch up on a little extra sleep, but don’t sleep in too much, stay up too late, or do anything that you know will throw you off (like sleeping with the TV on, excessive scrolling, eating too close to bedtime, excessive alcohol close to bedtime.)
  • Schedule your work: try your best to have designated work time & truly be ‘out of office’ the rest of the time. Schedule any calls/meetings and do any other tasks around those times, then disconnect & be present & enjoy your trip!
  • Keep your space somewhat clutter-free. No one loves living out of a suitcase. I’ve recently started unpacking soon after checking in & will never go back! When your environment is cluttered, your mind is cluttered & you are less likely to make good decisions.

What am I missing? Share your favorite travel tips in the comments!

Stay On Track When Traveling

I am all for relaxing a bit & enjoying some indulgences when traveling; however, if I go completely off the rails, I end up with inflammation, bloating, and fatigue.  I try to stick to 90×10 or 80×20 when traveling – it’s not too hard with just a bit of planning. Here are some strategies I’ve incorporated when traveling to stay on track.

While en route:

  • If traveling by plane, bring pre-packaged snacks like organic nuts. Buy water once thru security and consider adding electrolytes so as not to become dehydrated.
  • Eat before you go if you think you may be short on time in the airport & won’t be able to grab a snack.
  • If you forgot to pack, Starbucks often has nuts or I get their oatmeal (just don’t add ALL the toppings, esp not the brown sugar). 
  • If traveling by car, I like to pack my lunch in a cooler bag – my husband & kids will insist on drive-thru lunch & I don’t want to waste calories on junk food. 

If I don’t have access to a kitchen:

  • Research: Scout out some healthy options, particularly for breakfast & lunch.  See what’s on the room service menu.  Call the Concierge ahead of time & see if they can recommend a great smoothie/juice bar and a place to get a quick salad nearby or on one of the delivery apps.
  • Pack some snacks to keep in the hotel room:
    • Fruit, veggie sticks (if you have a mini fridge), nuts, kale chips, roasted seaweed packs, etc. I like to have a snack before leaving for dinner if I’m concerned we’ll have to wait for a table at the restaurant. 
  • Run to the grocery at some point early in your stay.  My husband knows we have to make a quick stop at Whole Foods on the way from the airport to the hotel & grab some healthy snacks or breakfast items to keep on hand. Make a list before you leave home so you can get in & out of the store quickly.

If you DO have a kitchen:

  • Pack some snacks, drinks, coffee, and maybe a quick breakfast option (fruit, oats)  for when you arrive & the next morning so you don’t have to rush to the grocery first thing – they’re often super crowded on Saturdays! We usually hit the grocery early Sunday morning.
  • Look at your itinerary & see what meals you plan on eating in: we usually eat dinner out each day, have 1 breakfast & 1 or 2 lunches out, but the rest of the meals, we eat at the house. Write out a loose plan of what you know your people will eat & have a grocery list ready so you don’t waste precious time at the store. 

General travel tips:

  • Stay hydrated! Bring your reusable water bottles & fill them up with water to drink while out in the sun – if consuming alcohol in the sun, it’s especially important to have some water, too so as not to get dehydrated. 
    • Infuse water with slices of fruit or cucumber
    • Consider adding electrolytes ( I like Ultima or the drops from – I bring these from home)
    • If drinking alcohol, consider light mixers like flavored seltzer water versus heavier marg or daiquiri mixes.
  • Plan your workouts:
    • See what equipment your hotel or condo complex offers, check the current use regulations (mask wearing, pre-registering, etc).
    • Bring some equipment with you: 
      • mini bands are easy to pack & don’t take up much space when traveling by plane
      • consider bringing along a set or two of dumbbells or a kettlebell if you have room in the car
    • Check out nearby fitness facilities, yoga/barre studios & their class schedules before you leave & have a loose idea of any you want to try out.
    • Check with the concierge or rental agency to see if there are safe areas to go for a walk/run and any areas you want to avoid. Always let someone know where you’re going, and turn on location finders on your phone, carry an alarm or any other personal protection items you use. 
    • Stay active – walk or ride bikes to dinner or excursions, just stay safe!
    • Join the monthly membership & download the app at for quick, effective, easy-to-follow workouts you can do in your room. 

HAVE FUN and remember to enjoy worthy treats! With a little planning, you can avoid wasting an indulgence on a crappy drive thru lunch & save them for a fabulous meal!