Add in so much goodness that the less-great stuff gets squashed out! Have FUN consciously curating the aspects of your lifestyle that will bring positivity and allow you to up-level your health, relationships, mindset, productivity – everything!

Don’t do the good stuff in moderation – make the good stuff the MAX – knowing that perfection is a lie!

Some examples:

  • 90% healthy whole foods to fuel your beautiful body / 10% treats
  • Healthy movement most days (doesn’t have to be a “workout” – just get moving!)
  • 90% prioritizing restful sleep / 10% late night fun
  • Positive, high vibe content consumption: podcasts, books, music, movies
  • Conscious social media consumption – avoid the comparison trap!
  • Quality dialed-in (aka not distracted) time with friends and family
  • Personal development, journaling, gratitude practice, meditation – whichever ones work for you!
  • Less-toxic products (personal care, home, etc)