Your habits- those actions you take or things you repeatedly do – are what define you.

Yes, goals are important – but the goal itself isn’t going to get you there. It’s the daily grind of taking the consistent action to establish positive habits and abolish negative habits that produce results.

The two best ways I’ve found to anchor a new habit are

1. write it down and check it off when done

2. speak it out loud to yourself, your family/friends/colleagues so that you have multiple accountability partners. Ask them to follow up with you or maybe even join you.

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Get up off the floor

Can you go from standing to sitting to standing without wobbling or using your hands or knees?

Some research has shown a relationship between this movement and longevity. While not a direct correlation, it’s a good general test of functional strength and balance.

Try it & let me know if you can make it hands-free!

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Natural mood booster

Today, I came across this article citing Saffron as “one of those rare, versatile ingredients that can be utilized to fulfill a range of mood related needs, if dosed properly. Found in only a few select places in the world, Saffron comes in various shapes and sizes, but a dose of 15mg twice a day has been shown to be just as effective as 10mg of Prozac in treating mood swings and mild to moderate depression, whilst contributing none of the side effects.”

Specifically mentioned is Dr. Funk’s Saffrony, the clinically proven natural,vegan, and non-GMO supplement properly dosed at 15mg with a 2% saffron extract.

I met Dr. Kristi Funk earlier this year in Cleveland at the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Cancer for Women conference. I’ve read and re-read her book, Breasts: The Owner’s Manual – full of research-backed info on breast cancer and its treatment and prevention. She is the real deal – beyond intelligent, gorgeous, and a genuinely caring physician on a mission!

I highly recommend checking out her book and Pink Lotus PowerUp website!

*I’m not a doctor & this isn’t medical advice*

Workout to reduce inflammation

Another research-backed reason to stay active – it can reduce inflammation. This makes total sense considering that exercise also has the power to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, improve metabolism, and potentially reduce the risk of some cancers as well as improving strength, balance, flexibility and endurance!

Studies have shown that even a single 20-minute workout is enough to have an impact – and that the exercise doesn’t even have to be intense to produce anti-inflammatory effects!