We’ve had a busy week & are getting ready for a yummy Thanksgiving! We were guests on a podcast & are busy prepping for our Q & A (see below) in Lexington on 11.29. A few thoughts shared in the video above.

*Note -We do avoid highly processed foods like Impossible Burgers, Beyond Meat, Oreos, sodas and other packaged foods that have a long list of chemical ingredients that we can’t pronounce & our bodies don’t recognize as coming from Mother Nature. Olive oil is somewhat processed (as Dr. Tallio said, there’s an olive tree, but not an olive oil tree). We occasionally use olive oil & don’t avoid it just because there’s some processing involved (ex: we use nut butters, which have a degree of processing, too). We choose to be careful with olive oil – as Dr. Tallio says in the video above, it has 120 calories per TB – if we use a few TB to saute, a few in salad dressing & a few for roasting, it would be easy to have 600-700 calories in one day just from oil. If weight loss is a goal, that’s a large chunk of your daily calories. Check out this graphic on food density from Plantstrong.com and join us on 11/29 at the Co-op. We’re always happy to answer questions!

Be sure to come & see us for this free event in Lexington at Good Foods Co-op on November 29th. (see below)

We’re also hosting a Whole New You program for women from 6-8pm on January 10, 17, 24, and 31 at Dr. Tallio’s Mindful Medicine office to help support you in your journey to feel your best & get healthy! More information on that to come, or feel free to reach out to me via email at goalfitmethod@gmail.com If you’re already subscribed to my email list, I’ll be sending updates as soon as we have all the details ironed out!

*This is not medical advice – always speak to your healthcare provider before making changes to your diet or exercise program.*

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