Watch our for Hormone Disruptors!

Although fertility is off the table at this point in my life, hormone health is at front of mind these days as it relates to menopause & reducing my risk of hormone related cancers, as well as for my daughter who is of child-bearing age.  

I’ve been on the low-tox train for awhile, but just recently swapped out my personal care products to Hugh and Grace.  While there are plenty of ‘clean’-labelled lines on the market these days, H&G takes clean to a whole new level by being hormone safe as the first skin care line that directly addresses hormone disruption. 

I love that everything is beautifully packaged and looks & feels like a fancy brand, not too dirty-hippie-ish.  Check out the FAQ below & let me know if you’re interested in trying any of the products – I can drop off samples if you’re local to me or pop some in the mail!  If you fall in love like I have, I can hook you up with a major discount as well!

Check out the line HERE

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