Clean Crafted Wine

I stopped drinking alcohol in December of 2019.  I feel great and don’t miss it a bit.  I had one sip of champagne with a toast at a wedding in May & honestly didn’t want any more; however, it’s a personal choice and there are many for whom giving up wine is not an option. Coincidentally, the last wine I had was at a girls’ dinner and it was Scout & Cellar.  It was delicious & didn’t leave me with a headache the next day. 

My friend, Molly, is a rep with Scout & Cellar – and if I were to drink wine again, this would definitely be the brand I’d choose.  I asked her to send me just a little about her story with Scout & Cellar – here’s what she had to say: 

I am all about openness and transparency, and truly appreciates that from people, businesses and brands. It’s also something I look for in the food and drinks I consume, but that isn’t always the case.  I have celiac disease so I’m used to reading labels, but there are no ingredient lists on wine bottles. That’s why I love Scout & Cellar. You don’t need a label to know what’s in their wine. It’s wine as it should be: free from synthetic pesticides and additives such as extra sugar, chemicals and food coloring, just to name a few. Wine that is made from grapes that are hand-picked and farmed sustainably, organically or biodynamically. Better for the planet and better for you. I invite you to join the Clean-Crafted Movement with me! Here’s the link to learn more about our mission: Want to place an order, host a tasting or become a consultant, reach out to me via email:

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