Benefits of Nasal Breathing

*as always, just sharing my experience, not medical advice – consult your healthcare provider for advice on how this information relates to you, and don’t do any breathing exercises if you are pregnant or have cardiac/respiratory issues without consulting your doctor first*

I’ve been reading & hearing a lot about nasal breathing lately. Here are some of the possible benefits:

  • Filters out dust/allergens
  • May improve lung volume
  • Lower risk of sleep apnea & snoring
  • Humidifies the inhaled air
  • Improved oxygen uptake
  • Improved diaphragmatic function
  • Improved activation of parasympathetic nervous system
  • Improved oxygenation
  • Potentially improved athletic performance and endurance when nasal breathing during exercise

I’ve been working on nasal breathing when exercising (ask your doc before you try it & consider checking your heart rate as you workout).

I’ve found this podcast episode to have some really cool information- check it out! (It’s long, but super informative & has some suggested exercises as well).

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