Love Your Body

In the filtered, overly curated, hyper-connected world we’re living in, body acceptance and love can seem like a goal that’s out of reach…especially if you’re on a weight loss journey.

Take the time to consciously curate your decisions around what fills you up and adds to your health and well-being, and watch your consumption of social media or negative influences. Remember to:

  • Honor and be grateful for what your body CAN DO today
  • Look for ways to be more present – cut distractions & do one thing at a time
  • Accept what you can’t control
  • Make your health and self-care a priority, not an option & certainly not a last resort.
  • Remember that there is no ideal body.
  • Make time for friends
  • Find different ways to incorporate movement into your days
  • Spend time in nature – yes, even though it’s cold!

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