Fruit and Veggie Challenge

Win $30 to Whole Foods!

I LOVE and eat a ton of fruits and veg, but it is easy to get in a rut and eat the same things week after week. The first major results (here) from The American Gut Project found that participants who ate more than 30 unique plants per week produced the most abundant and diverse gut microbes and also had fewer antibiotic resistance genes in their gut microbiomes than people who ate 10 or fewer plants.

I have never really tracked how many different plants I eat, so I thought it would be fun to keep track & encourage my clients to do the same!

I’m hanging this sheet on my fridge & will write down each fruit & veg I eat, with a goal of >30 in mind.

If you want to join in, keep a log of your fruit & veg intake from Monday, June 24-Sunday June 30 & post a pic of it on Instagram by Monday, July 1 at 6pm (must tag @goalfitmethod and use the hashtag #goalfitfruitvegchallenge). I’ll pick a random winner from all the postings to receive a $30 Whole Foods Gift Card (for residents of the US only, not affiliated with Instagram).

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