Gretchen Farah is a Certified Personal Trainer and Speech-Language Pathologist.

The Goal:Fit Method is a sustainable, balanced lifestyle incorporating the “3 F’s”: Focus, Food, and Fitness.  It is not a fad diet aimed simply at quick fat loss. The Goal:Fit Method can improve how you look, feel, and function.

Through a targeted holistic approach, the Goal:Fit Method is designed to help men and women start or continue a fitness journey to

  • Build strength, energy and stamina
  • Establish healthy lifestyle habits
  • Harness mindset skills to improve attention, focus and productivity
  • Address muscle imbalances to improve ability to move with reduced pain and risk of injury

As we enter middle age and beyond, it is not unexpected for physical and cognitive changes to occur; however, it’s never too late or too early to take action to live, look, and feel better. Whether your goal is to lose weight, amp up your cognitive function, improve your agility so you can enjoy activities or sports with your children & grandchildren, increase energy levels, or maintain your independence into retirement, the Goal:Fit Method can help you elevate your overall energy, wellness, and fitness so you can enjoy a life full of vitality!

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