The goal fit method

The Goal Fit Method uses a whole food nutrition and mind body fitness approach to increase overall wellbeing, strength, balance and mobility.

Gretchen Farah is a certified personal trainer, Yoga teacher, Barre and Pumped Up Strength instructor, former medical speech-language pathologist and mom of three.

I have a passion for supporting and educating people to meet their whole-self fitness goals with over 25 years of experience utilizing a therapeutic approach via individual and group coaching strategies both face to face and using telehealth technology. I am so excited to have the opportunity to help even more people via individual training and group fitness .

I am a research nerd and obsessed with weeding through the data and staying abreast of the absolute latest evidence based information to support my community as we up-level our cognitive and physical fitness.” —Gretchen


What is the Goal fit method?


Mindfulness is key to building the foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Guided meditations, deep breathing techniques and more are shared exclusively with Goal Fit clients.


You get out of your body what you put into in! Don’t be cheap, fast or fake!


What’s the best exercise? It’s the one you LOVE so much that you’ll do it on the regular!

Why You’ll Love IT

Through a targeted holistic approach, the Goal:Fit Method is designed to help men and women start or continue a fitness journey to accomplish the following:

Build strength, energy and stamina

Establish healthy lifestyle habits

Harness mindset skills to improve attention, focus and productivity

Address muscle imbalances to improve ability to move with reduced pain and risk of injury

Now accepting limited in-person personal training clinets and private yoga teaching – contact me at goalfitmethod@gmail.com.

Follow @gretchen.farah on instagram for updated Lexington in-studio offerings.

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